Monday, 10 September 2012

Top ten free things to do in London

I will be travelling to London soon. It's so good to be back as the last time I was there, was April 2010, two years ago!! Truth to be told, I miss UK. I consider UK my second home. Lived there for more than a decade, most of my most important adult life was spent there. I learned to drive there, got married there, graduated with my doctorate, bought my first house and all my other properties there etc etc. You are probably getting my drift here. So I am over the moon to be flying to the UK again. So before that, I thought of writing a blog post on top ten free things to do while you are there. I wrote a recent blog post on the off the beat things to do in London, so this post will probably tie in nicely with the other one.

Along the Thame

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Our trip to Alaska : Overview

Known as America's last frontier, Alaska is also United State's largest state and is over twice the size of Texas. Alaska has always conjure an image of the grandest natural landscape and awe-inspiring sceneries. Her wild and rugged wilderness, glaciers, mountains, wildlife, and interesting people are Alaska's many offerings.

The best and most popular way to see Alaska is from the coast, on board a cruise ship. Each year around 1 million people arrive to see Alaska on board a cruise ship and now I understand why. It is a fabulous way to see the coastline of Alaska, otherwise largely inaccessible.