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  1. Hi, we are in the same boat,living in NZ and with lots of land for the dogs. Looking to relocate to Singapore, but would not have the funds for a car, so would this make it doubly difficult to have two big dogs there?(boxer /mastiff X)Also, probably would not be able to afford landed property, so iis an apartment an even worse situation too?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for reading my blog. It all depends on your dogs' lifestyle in NZ. My dogs are used to do their business outside, while most of the dogs living in apartments in Singapore do their business on pee pans. We spent 5 days in an apartment with the dogs when we were moving out, and it was such a pain as we needed to bring them down to wee and poo every 3-4 hours as if you live in a landed, you just open the door and let them out. But I guess if you love them, you will cope. But you will definitely need a car for easier life, like taking them to the beach/dog park as taxis in singapore won't take dogs especially big ones. You can call specialised pet transport but that will costs upwards of $50 each trip.