Monday, 23 April 2012

The beauty of Golden Retrievers

I am an active member on the Singapore Golden Retriever club on facebook. We have a wonderful group of individuals who truly love and spoil their golden retrievers. We even have outings together and I have the privilege now to have met 2 wonderful Goldie owners, and between the 3 of us we have 6 beautiful Goldies. 

Recently, the club has started a photo contest, with the first theme being cute butts!!! Alas, we have many owners invading our doggies' privacy to snap pictures of their cute butts. That contest has ended and BoBo, the club founder's dog has won. Now we are having another contest, this time is for most beautiful smile. We are only allowed 2 photos per dogs. Frankly to choose just 2 photos is a difficult task. Goldies have the most amazing ability to smile. They are such happy dogs. Quinton my boy always look at the camera when I am snapping him and most times he is smiling at the camera. Reegan smiles less but that is due to her quieter personality as opposed to Quinton's exuberant self.

Here are some beautiful photos that I didn't share on facebook without photo bombing the facebook page. Enjoy.

Reegan at 7 weeks, smiling beautiful as we take her home with us
Quinton smiling happily as now he has a little sister to play with :)
Happy Quinton again
Young Quinton
Quinton with Boo the bull mastiff
Quinton with another little friend, Vincent a Lhasa Apso
Quinton at his first birthday. Photo was selected for a pet shop canine dental health campaign
Quinton with his friend Darcy - Laughing over something?? A private joke between the two?
Three smiling Goldies 

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