Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I've neglected my blog!!!

To the few people who are actually reading my blog - a big apology for disappearing for the past couple of months. I have been crazy busy with life. Other than the hectic travelling - which I usually loves. This couple of months, I've been travelling like mad, but I've been super stressed about it. The reason being is that we are repatriating back to UK but instead of a straightforward when, we have been stringed along for a month before being told exactly when. Thus explaining my recent last minute trip to the UK for 3 weeks and the least amount of planning I've ever done for a trip - our october trip to New Zealand which almost didn't happen. 

Anyway long story short, we are moving back in early 2013, and I'm squeezing as many travels in between now and then. Travelling every 2 weeks is not what I call fun, more like crazy. I flew to UK for 3 weeks then came back for 2 weeks and we flew to Christchurch. At the moment, I have again 2 weeks of breathing space before I jet back to UK for another 2 weeks!!! In between, I will be visiting some friends in KL which I am looking forward to before flying to UK. So I am really sorry if I have not been updating my blog. I've so much more of my trips to write about, but I just can't. I think it will be when I am back in good old England before I can write about my adventures. And instead of being stuck in tiny Singapore, I will probably have to call my blog - No longer stuck in tiny Singapore :)

I will just put a little snippets/photos of the beautiful New Zealand. It's a beautiful country filled with friendly locals, and the sceneries are magnificent. I am glad to have a chance to visit the country twice before returning to the Northern Hemisphere. Till the next time, keep healthy and always wear a smile on your face. 

The beautiful sceneries of South Island

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  1. Hey why no more blog posts? Its time to start up again!!