Monday, 14 May 2012

Doggies outing to Botanical Gardens on Mother's Day

My cousin recently got a little miniature Poodle puppy from a pet shop as he has been there for more than 5 mths and nobody wanted him. I am against buying pets from pet shops especially when you do not know the specifics of where the pet comes from. It may be a product of a puppy mill :( etc. The last thing you want is to support a trade that makes money from the suffering of animals. Anyway I am not here to judge, but doing a favour for my cousin. It was an impromptu purchase and she was going away for a holiday. She already has another poodle who will be looked after at home by my cousin brother, while Koro, the new pup will come and stay with us along with Quinton & Reegan.

Koro, the miniature Poodle Puppy

Koro is tiny!! At 6 months of age, he weighs 1.6kg. Even Tom the cat is heavier than him. We were a abit apprehensive about his stay as with puppies you are not sure how they are going to be. What if he is horribly naughty, pees/poos everywhere and cries every night? Surprisingly, he is a great little pup. Smart, easy to train, it took all of 3 minutes to teach him the leave it command. Now you can leave food on his paw, in front of him and tell him to leave it and he will not break command and steal the food!! Even Quinton & Reegan cannot hold for too long with the leave command. He follows me like a shadow and sits by my side when I am at the table in front of the computer. He is staying for 4 days and I will admit, it will be difficult to let him go home. As home he will be 8 hours alone with the other dog till my cousin and her roommate come home from work as opposed to here, where he has doggies and humans for company 24/7.

He is such a lapdog, something we don't know much about since we have big dogs
Reegan giving Koro the cold treatment 
A picture of the Trio

Anyway, it was Mothering Sunday and the weather was really good. Cloudy, no sun with wind. The past few weeks, the weather in Singapore has been horrendous. If it was not blazing sun with 34C temperatures, it would be thunderstorms for a few hours. So off we went with the 3 dogs in tow to the Botanical Gardens which is close by our home.

Beautiful quiet sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens
Koro enjoying his walk with the family
Koro finally caught up with Reegan
Water stop

Little Koro kept up with us all the way, we did 3 loops around the area at Jacob Ballas. It was much quieter over this side as opposed if you go to the visitor center side by Casa Verde. We kept getting loads of attention as we walked. The husband and I were in the front with Quinton & Reegan and would get exclamation from passersby - "what big dogs", or "Wow, Goldies" etc, followed by laughs after spotting the chihuahua sized Koro following behind with the parents. We had a few water stops before heading home after a lovely walk. Two more days before the little Koro goes home. He will be missed.

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  1. Those are great photos. Your dogs are so adorable. Thanks for sharing some pics of them.