Thursday, 7 June 2012

Therapy Dogs Singapore - We were invited to be on Cesar Millan Show at MBS!

I have been volunteering with the Therapy Dogs Singapore for 2 years now and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. No words can describe the joy and achievement when you see one of your charges laughing loudly when she has been non-verbal for as long as you've known her, or when you see someone who is so scared of a dog that she breaks into cold sweat to sitting next to one of our Therapy Dogs and posing for a picture. It is a wonderful organisation and all the volunteers and their doggies are amazing people that I've got to know and I am glad to be part of this group of people.

Therapy Dogs at work

It is indeed a privileged to be asked to be on Cesar Millan's live show in Singapore. They did a segment on Inspirational dogs and have asked us to be featured at the show. This just goes to show the recognition our organisation has gained and with that we hope to go about doing what we do and bring the unconditional love of our dogs and volunteers to more people.

The show was great. Cesar was very friendly and entertaining. The dogs that came on the segment were equally entertaining. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the show.

Stage at MBS
We had to get there at 6pm even though the show starts at 8pm. The producer and the organisers were there to greet us. Everyone was super friendly and we were very well taken care of. They were also very obliging as we requested that our Therapy dog not be crated, so they arranged for a whole dressing room just for us!

We had backstage passes and even seats reserved for us in the show
They even had grass turf indoors for the dogs to do their business
Cesar on stage doing his 'thing'

We were honoured to go on stage to speak to Cesar. He asked us about Therapy Dogs, and what we do and who we visit. We answered his questions and he was also very interested in what were the reaction of the people we visit. He came across as very genuine and friendly. He even thanked as a few times for doing what we do.

We are on stage with Cesar!
Cesar was super nice
Pics showing our dogs at work in the background

After our segment, the show concluded on a high note. Cesar came backstage and it was busy again. There was a film crew following him to do a documentary of his live show.

More 'show' backstage
Pinot the therapy dog, at work 

There was a lady we met backstage whom Cesar met on his previous trip to Singapore....she is terrified of dogs and Cesar promised to help her. Here she is, posing with Pinot our Therapy Dog. This is a huge step for her as this is the closest she has ever been to a dog. She hasn't yet picked up the courage to stroke Pinot yet, but just being next to him for this photo was a huge deal and it was great that Pinot did a fabulous job.

Even Pinot was smiling for the photo
Cesar signing autograph for Patrick Wong, our local dog trainer

I was so grateful to have the chance to be there and meeting Cesar. What a night to remember.


  1. Wow! You met THE DOG WHISPERER!! Major envy!!! What was it like? Again, great work you guys are doing with your doggies. I honestly should get off my butt and register with TDS already!! AHHH

    1. Haha, yes it was an experience indeed. He was really nice & friendly. We were just delighted that they invited us to be at the event. It also means getting our work and the group name out there. Animal assisted work is still relatively new in Singapore despite the group existing since 2004. We need great committed dog owners & their doggies to continue the work here. So once you have time, come join us :)
      We have quite a few goldies in the group. They make great therapy dogs!!!