Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Travelogue: Trip to Scandinavia: An Overview

One of the main item on my bucket list was to see the Northern lights. I've written about it on a previous post . The husband and I went to Tromso in Norway to see it but we weren't going to fly all the way to Norway just to do that. For the trip, we took a 2 week trip and went to visit the other Scandinavian cities along the way. I have friends in Stockholm and Helsinki. Since we have never been to that part of the world, it was the great excuse to visit.

Snow everywhere!
Again we got an amazing discounted biz ticket with Qatar Airways, the worlds' 5 star airline. They are much more generous compared to Singapore Airlines. Even with their discounted tickets, they still award you the full miles and even allowed us to buy an open jaw ticket, flying from Singapore to Stockholm and return from Oslo at no extra charge. Compared to stingy SQ, Qatar Airways is definitely the way to fly.

What was amazing when flying over Scandinavia during winter is the views you see from the plane - Winter Wonderland.

Thus this was how our trip went:

Our trip

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  1. oh wow i am having the same itinerary as you but in reverse this coming Aug. Thanks for sharing, the pics at all your scandinavian-related posts look awesome and I literally cannot wait to visit :)