Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to plan an Alaska Cruise from Singapore -Overview

Going on an Alaska cruise has always been a dream of mine and yes I realised that my travel bucket list is long or getting longer!! I have been lucky to have been ticking off the list especially with the Scandinavia Trip to see the Northern lights earlier in the year and now going to Alaska!! But can't a girl be greedy?? :p

It took me awhile to persuade the hubby to go on a cruise. He had always thought that cruising is boring, for the old and too much of socialising involved. He hates having to make small talk with strangers, and thought that being stuck on a ship with 3000 other people will be hell on earth!! Finally I convinced him that we will have a good amount of privacy if we book a large suite so that we won't need to be in the common areas too often. So when the final go ahead was granted from the 'chief financial officer', I was off to plan the cruise!!

Alaska Cruise Lines

After some research, I discovered that there are plenty of choices of cruise lines that cruise Alaska to choose from. It can get quite confusing as to which one to choose from. You have the large cruise lines to the smaller more exclusive cruise lines. It totally depends on individual choices. For us, the smaller cruise lines were out of the questions, as less people, smaller ship = more socialising. So definitely a no-go for us. In addition, each cruise line has their own itinerary, and you have your own preferences. So I've written down a little guide to help you with your own planning. It has been broken down to different plans with quite a bit of details for you. Hope that will be useful for you.

Follow this easy to follow list to help you to narrow down the cruise line for you.

1. Choosing the right Alaska cruise for your holiday.

2. When to go on your Alaska Cruise?

3. Which Itinerary to choose for your Alaska Cruise?

4. Which Alaska Cruise lines to choose?

5. Planning your Alaska land excursions.

Please be patient while I write up on these posts and also on my Alaska cruise posts. Meanwhile, happy holiday planning!!!


  1. Glad u enjoyed the Alaskan cruise. We went there in our first ever cruise in 1999 and never turned back. We have now been to the East Mediterranean, East Asia, Carribean, Baltic and now going to the West Mediterranean. We find it better if you travel with a group of like minded travelers. Enjoy and btw Singapore is not that small if you take the trouble to find out.

  2. Thanks for your tips. I've always wanted to go on a cruise as well but nobody I know wants to go. I'll have to pluck up my courage to go on my own :) thanks!!