Monday, 23 July 2012

Exploring Singapore for dog-friendly places - Sun Ray Cafe

Usually when I need to bring your dogs with me for a pet friendly eating place, I would go to Canopy Dining in Bishan Park. That usually occurs after morning at the dog run, then lunch at Canopy. This week I had the chance to visit SunRay Cafe which is totally dog-friendly. I have heard about it from my friends from the Golden Retriever Club as they regularly have gathering at the cafe.

Told you..they are pet-friendly

We made a reservation for 6 people and 4 dogs on a saturday for around 130pm. It wasn't that busy as it was past lunch time. But it does get busy on the weekend, so either go during non peak hours or make sure you make a reservation to be on the safe side.

Even their logo looks friendly. Source: SunRay Cafe

Most importantly they are pet friendly. Source: SunRay Cafe

SunRay Cafe is located at 79 Brighton Crescent, near to Serangoon Gardens. It is set among landed properties area. Parking was alright when we were there, though I can foresee that it may be problematic during peak hours.

SunRay Cafe occupies 2 shop spaces. One side is for the dogs and their owners, while the other side are for other patrons. Their menu is quite good and prices are reasonable. Check out their website here.

Main store front
The other side for pets & patrons

They have food like pizza, pasta, mostly western with some local delights like curry & assam fish. Their drinks menu is also good plus they also have some simple foods for the dogs too. What is great is to find another dog friendly place that we can have our pooches with us and there's even aircon!! What is there to complain :) just that is further away from me in Bukit Timah?

Without further ado, here are some of the foods we ordered on that day.

Seafood Marinara

My friend ordered the Seafood pasta with Marinara sauce. The seafood portion was generous and yummy.

Penne Carbonara

The carbonara pasta looks abit lacklustre, probably a dish I won't go for.

Honey Baked Chicken

I ordered Honey Baked chicken thigh which I wolved down. It was nice and yummy, especially that I was super hungry.

Baked Salmon & Ice Lemon Tea

Their drinks were lovely. I had a peach ice tea, while another friend had the mango smoothies which looked really nice too.

Without a doubt, I will recommend any friends to go there with their pooches....I would definitely return for a second visit. It is just nice to have somewhere with air-condition and I can have my dogs with me while the hubby and I can enjoy our food in the company of my dogs.

Actually we will be back sooner than later. Reegan is turning 5 this friday. So the plan is to invite some of our friends (both humans & canines) from Therapy Dogs Singapore to go to Sunray for dinner plus I've ordered a cake from The Barkery to celebrate my precious Reegan's birthday. Look out for that blog post.


  1. This looks like a new place to bring Sparky! We are always on a hunt for doggy-friendly places! I'm sure your doggies will love the cake from The Barkey for Sparky sure did!

    Thanks Fiona for stopping by my blog. :) I've always wanted to volunteer at Therapy Dogs Singapore but just worried that Sparky won't pass the test. I really should get off my butt and do something about it. If he passes then I hope I will get to meet u and your fur-kids!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is great especially on hot days. The doggies get to be with you inside the airconditioned place!! :)

      Do come and have a look. You are welcome to come for a visit. Trust me, my Quinton boy is turning 7, and he still acts like a puppy. Temperament for a dog is more important. If Sparky loves people (which most goldies will), I am sure he will pass the test and becomes a therapy dogs. The work we do here is very rewarding and I don't regret a second being part of the Therapy Dogs family.

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Sunray cafe has made changes to their food menu and they have hired a professional barista to make their coffee. U might want to go down and try out their food and coffee one day.