Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Reegan is 5 today!!!!

My darling Reegan is 5 today! Happy Birthday!!! Can't believe how time has flies. My baby girl is growing up faster. I cannot believe I love her so much more day after day and I wish she will have plenty more of healthy and happy times with our family!!

Reegan - at 7 weeks when we brought her home

Here she is at 5 yrs old

To the hubby's dismay, I had decided to plan a day of fun and yum for my little princess. The plan was that we went for an afternoon visit for Therapy Dogs Singapore, this will be followed by an hour of run at the Bishan Dog Park and then off to SunRay cafe for the humans to have their dinner, and the dogs can share Reegan's birthday cake.

This year I've decided not to bake a cake. Instead I ordered a lovely birthday cake for Reegan from The Barkery. Do check them out as they have some lovely lovely yummies for your doggies. It is opened by two sisters who truly cares for what they are doing. They cook and hand deliver the lovely cakes and dog goodies. Here is Reegan's cake and some pupcakes I've ordered for my two goldies. We also ordered some lovely pupcakes for the doggies to try later.

From the top: Pumpkin, yam & potato Pupcakes

Lovely box of cake inside, hand delivered by Elizabeth, the owner of The Barkery
I requested for a pink cake for her
Got her to pose with a smile in front of her cake

Our usual Therapy Dogs visit went off with a blast. It was good to see the residents who were equally excited to see our dogs. They were walked, stroked and cuddled for an hour before we left for the dog park.

We were super lucky with the weather, the sun's strength weakened when we got to the dog park, and it wasn't too hot for the dogs. Great thing also, the park was virtually empty with just another little dog in the dog run.

They just cut the grass
Nobody's around
Lovely & quiet

The dogs went straight into sniffing and running around with the exception of two, Sable and Santi who are the two most greedy doggies. They knew that I had baked some lovely liver biscotti for them and followed me all around ignoring the calls of their mummies. Perfect dogs for dognapping!!!

Liver Biscotti

Maria, my helper and I baked these liver biscotti fresh. First batch yesterday to be baked into gift bags for the doggies and one batch this morning for doggies at the dog park to munch on. They smelled great. It's super easy to make and the dogs love it. Basically you just need whole wheat flour, beef liver, cheddar cheese and that's it.

Liver Biscotti in their gift bags

Santi with Quinton, eyeing some of Jane's treats
More doggies joining in. Reegan pictures of the left was getting excited and started running around in circles
The 'I want to smell your bum' line
Reegan all happy after play

After an hour in the dog park, we were off to SunRay Cafe for the humans to dine. It's just wonderful to be able to relax in an airconditioned restaurant with your dogs. We ordered our food and while waiting, we had Reegan's birthday cake cutting, so that the dogs could feast and then it would be our turn after.

The compulsory posing for photos

Birthday girl with her cake

Reegan was such a good girl. She listened to instructions to jump on to the chair and posed for almost 3-5 minutes in front of her cake without taking a big chunk out of it. If it was Quinton, this scene wouldn't have been possible.

Reegan with her cake again

All the dogs wolved down their cakes. They were so quick, that I couldn't get a proper shot of them eating their cakes.

Failed shot - no more cake. Reegan was just licking her plate

I hope my girl had a lovely day and so did the other doggies. It was Santi and her mummy's first invite to a doggie party. Santi even had a lovely bandana on the instruction of her daddy to look sharp for her first party - so cute! Next will be Quinton's 7th birthday. Will be celebrating that with another group of friends and their doggies, all of whom are having their birthdays soon!!!

Reegan's Pressies. Thanks all.


  1. Happy Bark-day Reegan!!! Looked like you had a wonderful party! Hope you get to meet Sparky one day! And Liver Biscotti? Sounds yums (for doggies I mean). Hehe

    1. Thanks J. I can only bake for dogs, coz no matter how ugly or not as yummy,
      they will only wolf them down. There is no way, I can make such beautiful
      macaroons like the ones you make.