Thursday, 29 March 2012

Golden Retrievers mini-gathering at the dog park

I had the privilege to meet 2 lovely Golden Retriever owners since beginning of this year.
They both have 2 Goldies each, one boy and one girl, just like me.

Anyway today, we have arranged to get our Goldies together. Miss J is the owner of beautiful Muzhen and Mulan while Miss L is the owner of Champagne and Chablis (and no, she is not an Unfortunately Miss L lives in Malaysia, which means she can't bring her Goldies over to join in the gathering. Anyway, she still came along as she is the biggest fan of my two Goldies ever :)

Here are some pictures of all of them. Enjoy!!!

Reegan with her new friend, Mulan

Group shot from top: Quinton, Reegan, Muzhen and Mulan

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