Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Typical Day at the Dog Park

Every fortnight, I will bring my two goldies to Bishan Dog Park to meet up with my friend who owns a lovely Singapore Special called Sun. I will try to bring them there at least once a week or more whenever I can. But the fortnightly outing is special for Reegan as Sun is one of few doggies that she gets along well with. Both of them love to chase each other around which is always funny to watch.

A typical start to the day is the dogs are taken out by my parents for their usual morning walk, by which time they get back, their 'outing' bag is packed. The contents include: a litre bottle of ice cold water, water bowl, a frisbee, 2 packets of home-baked liver cakes, a towel, poo bags and my water bottle. It is a little brown bag I got from buying mooncakes back in Hong Kong and ever since it's been the official doggie outing bag. The dogs are super smart and observant. As soon as they catch a glimpse of 'that' bag, they know immediately that they are going to get to go out!!! From that moment on, every step I take, I will have 2 dogs stalking me. They seem to think that if they loose sight of me, I will forget to take them out with me :)

Handsome Quinton

The picture above is the typical expression Quinton my older boy gives me when he wants something. He will come up next to me, where I am seated in front of the computer and give me a big smile. How can anyone resist that face????

All packed and ready to go
A close up

For short journeys, the dogs are packed in the boot, though now we live further away from the dog park, so the dogs get to be in first class. First class, meaning they get to sit at the back seats. Quinton always sit on the seat, while Reegan likes to sit in the footwell.

After a 20 minutes drive, we are at Bishan Park. The dog run is situated within the park. Bishan Park is a lovely park for us humans to explore. Other than the dog run, it has a river running through it, a spa, a couple of restaurants, one of which is dog-friendly and other establishments that I have yet to explore. There is even a McDonalds in the park. 

Today, there was a large number of dogs at the run already when we got there. Several dog walking services that do daycare bring their dogs there to play. There was several different breeds ranging from your labradors to beagles and of course some Singapore specials (local mutts). The dogs had their frolicking in the sun for over an hour before the humans went for their lunch at Canopy restaurant. A lovely end to an activity filled morning.

The dog run is a god-send as in Singapore, there is really no place to let your dogs run off leash. Back in the UK, Quinton and Reegan get their walks at a nearby forest reserve where they get to chase after pheasants, squirrels and the compulsory roll in fresh fox poo - Yucks! (something which I do not miss at all!! ). So time spent at the dog run is great for my two. Despite the temperature difference from UK to Hong Kong to Singapore, my two have adapted to the tropical weather extremely well. Of course I have to be careful too, like bringing ice water for them to drink to keep cool, going in the morning before it gets too warm to run around. We are lucky too as we have a pool at home where the dogs get to swim twice or thrice a week. Will write a post about that later on. Ciao for now!!!

Chaos at the gate
Meet & greet
View of the park
Happy, tired Reegan & Quinton
Lunch break at Canopy

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